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If you're in pain, Dr. Saul A. Latzer, D.C., C.E.C.P. at Simi Valley-based House Call Chiropractic Care can help you. And he will do it in as short a time as possible. Dr. Saul can be reached at (805) 527-3485.

Dr. Saul A. Latzer, D.C., C.E.C.P. is dedicated to helping the people of Simi Valley and Moorpark eliminate their pain and live healthier lives. And this is all done in the convenience of their home, office or workplace.

On your first visit Dr. Saul A. Latzer, D.C., C.E.C.P. will do an in-depth consultation so that he can better understand and address your primary concerns and questions. He will then perform an examination (no disrobing) in order to determine the best course of treatment for your particular condition.

Dr. Saul recognizes the fact that every individual is unique.  Therefore, he utilizes a variety of proven techniques so that your particular needs will be met. And he will do whatever is necessary on any given visit to make sure you receive the best and most complete treatment that is needed for you...and at a very reasonable fee.    

At House Call Chiropractic Care we address all the major components that may be contributing to your pain.  These include: (1) misalignments (subluxations) of the vertebra in your spine that may be causing pressure on your nerves that exit the spine and adversely affecting the functioning of your brain, (2) muscle imbalances, (3) disc involvement and (4) negative energy in your body that can be contributing to your physical pain and any possible emotional problems you may be experiencing.  You will also find at House Call Chiropractic Care that we do not use any electrical therapeutic modalities (i.e. electrical muscle stimulation). While some people may find these modalities to "feel good", they may actually do more harm than good. This is addressed in the book, Cross Currents, by Dr. Robert Becker, M.D., research expert on the effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body. He states, "It should be apparent that electrical currents administered to the body have purely physical side effects of an undesirable nature.  Most people who employ or promote electrical currents are either unaware of these effects or choose to ignore them."  So, at House Call Chiropractic Care in Simi Valley, you will receive the safest and most effective care, including spinal adjustments and any one or more of the following, based upon your needs and goals: manual soft tissue (muscle) therapy, trigger point therapy, correcting muscle imbalances, energy healing, exercise recommendations and nutritional guidance.

So, whether you choose to just get out of pain, or wish to continue to improve your health, the choice is always yours.  Dr. Saul is here to serve you and meet your goals...NOT to try and "sell" you on something you don't need or want.     

If, at any time, you have any questions, concerns, or anything you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to ask us.  You can always call us at (805) 527-3485.   

We accept cash, checks and major credit cards.  If you have insurance coverage, we will give you a completed Superbill for you to send to your insurance company for direct reimbursement to you.  

We look forward to meeting you soon!


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